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Live Your Dream!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

At age eight I was given oil painting lessons. I was fortunate to study International Advertising in London where I spent most of my free time in the Paris and London museums. After graduating college, I backpacked for two years starting at the Grand Canyon and ending in Alaska. From there I went to Maui, forming Stallings Fine Art, Inc. I became interested in the vibration, color and pure energy of music and was invited to paint live on stage with Symphony Orchestras. After exhibiting and owning 2 galleries on Maui for 13 years, I moved to Las Vegas to form a partnership named Vignettes Stallings, LLC. I continued to "paint" jazz and classical music and exhibited at many international art expos and galleries all over the US.

After three successful and fun years it was time to give attention to Stallings Fine Art once again. I became the caretaker for an amazing black lab named Luke who went everywhere with me. I spent winters in southern California and summers in northern California. It was an amazingly fun and successful time. I continued to rock climb and backpack avidly. I was then invited by Yan Shrem, owner of Clos Pegase in Napa to paint at his winery. Yan commissioned Michael Graves to build the winery around the mythology of Bacchus, art and wine. I painted daily in the opulence of the winery and experienced four of the most magical years of my career. By this time, I had created and sold over 2,000 original works of art.

Shortly after returning home to my home in northern Nevada, my beloved dog Luke passed at a ripe old age. Several months later I adopted an equally amazing chocolate lab named Zeke. Next, I met a gentleman who asked me if I would consider taking a job. He needed someone to "think outside the box". Being unsure what I wanted to do after Napa and somewhat tired of traveling, I decided it might be interesting for a spell. The company offered free tuition, so, now in my 50's, I decided to get an MBA. Why not. Somehow, I ended up having two careers! I also achieved a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma (statistical process improvement).

Now, since toting a heavy backpack across mountains is getting more difficult, I have turned to adventure riding on motorcycles, exploring the endless backroads and mountains of beautiful Nevada and surrounding states.

As an artist, businessman, adventurer, speaker, and writer I will continue to paint, consult for both art and business, speak, and write. I have been blessed to live my dream and hope to share and inspire you to do the same.

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