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Fascinated with art and artists from a very early age, private oil painting classes at age eight started the course of Stallings destiny. He earned a degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and a diploma from City University, London where he spent as much time as possible in the museums of London and Paris. Stallings then embarked on a backpacking odyssey for over two years that included more than five hundred miles in the Grand Canyon and the surrounding states ending in Denali National Park, Alaska. After six months in Alaska Stallings flew to Maui with only a backpack and a duffle bag where he began his artistic career.
Stallings hung his first early paintings in Maui restaurants which sold quickly leading to a number of gallery shows. He then opened his own gallery in Lahaina, Maui enjoying the friendships he made with collectors from every state in the United States and all over the world.
Stallings has explored the relationship of music and pure color for his entire artistic career. Deciding early on to pursue canvases of whimsy and purity, questions about the relationship of music, vibrations and pure energy led Stallings to paint live on stage with the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra, San Diego, Honolulu, Maui, and the Russian National Orchestra. Painting music as visual art was a defining moment in Stallings career. He enjoys exploring the harmony of music and color and their positive effects on the human spirit. He has worked with world renowned scientist, physicist, conductors, and musicians regarding the physics, math, and vibration of music.
Stallings interpreted jazz music live at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, as well as Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Napa and New York. After creating and selling more than two thousand original works of art, Stallings still pursues his love of painting classical and jazz music. Never complacent, Stallings continues to stretch his creative limits while sharing his passion for the arts.

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